Tips for buying an EV charging station.

Laadkompas is emerging as an independent specialist and ‘compass’ in the world of electric vehicle charging.

Receive your personal top 3 stations comparison

Receive your personal top 3 stations comparison

Emerging expert in EV charging.

Driving electric is becoming very popular and for obvious reasons. It’s a good and sustainable mode of transport, the new generation electric cars is state-of-the-art and financial benefits are tempting. Currently there’s already more than 120.000 charging stations in Holland and the figure keeps rising. In this thriving market, our company has emerged as an independent specialist and ‘compass’ in the world of electric charging. This means we advise in switching to ‘electric’, possible grants and choosing the right charging station. Naturally, these are available in our shop and we’re happy to take care of installation as well.

In short, we offer guidance in the entire process of acquiring an EV charger. Whether it be for at home, a governmental project or the workplace.

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Tips for buying an EV charging station.

Buying a charging station is not an everyday purchase, nor one to do without preparation. There are many options available, with varying specifics that require technical knowledge. Additionally, an EV charger is connected to the power network at home or the workplace, making it useful to look at the entire situation beforehand. The following factors are important:

  • Which brand and model EV is to be used?
  • Will the charger be used at home or at the workplace?
  • Are there any adjustments required in the fuse box?
  • Preference for simplicity or advanced (digital) functions?
  • Automatic invoicing desired?
  • Single or multiple users?

Charging at home is most convenient.

At this point, charging an electric car (EV) can be done in a few ways of which a charging station at home is most convenient. This way, there’s always parking space available and no waiting during the time needed for charging. You’re just at home, having a good time! When compared to public spots like Allego’s charging stations, this saves a lot of time. And it saves money as well, as the costs for charging at home are at the normal power rate.   

The only thing needed for a charging station at home, is a driveway or garage and it’s important to choose the right product for your specific situation. Laadkompas advises in the entire process, so if you feel like saving time and money, get in touch! Our experts are ready to help you.

charge station electric vehicle Charging stations at home

Which EV charging station is the best?

How to decide which EV charger is the best? One might think charging speed is key or having the most up-to-date features. But in reality, it’s more important what suits your car and personal needs. Some prefer a basic approach and value simplicity over technology, for this group the offline ‘Plug & Charge’ stations work best. On the other end, some prefer modern gadgets and have practical reasons to use them. Automatic declarations or monitoring emissions, for example. Online products with such advanced functions are called ‘smart’ chargers.

From all available options, we’ve made a top 3 selection of chargers that cover all possible requirements. A popular smart option is the EVBox charging station called ‘Elvi’ and our best sold Plug & Play station is Webasto’s Pure.

charge station electric vehicle Top 3 charging stations

Growing demands for workplace charging.   

Sustainability is getting evermore important and busi-nesses feel they need to do their part, from a moral standpoint and one of opportunities. Many companies are integrating electric driving in their business operations and as a result, there’s a growing need for suitable solutions for both guests and employees. Laadkompas offers these solutions and is happy to advise on the possibilities for your company, varying from a single charger to complete configurations of up to 100 charging points.

In order to ensure the right decisions are made, we firstly map out the situation while taking the future into account. Our EV experts have many years of experience and are always able to find a fitting solution.

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